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For the past 30 years at MGE Lingual Services Inc., our business has been helping corporations find common ground in all areas of translation and international communications. 

MGE Lingual Services, Inc. has been both a pioneer and innovator in translation solutions for dozens of industries. We pride ourselves in being able to successfully provide an artisan's approach to quality while at the same time utilizing tools and solutions to more efficiently deliver foreign-language translations, services and reduce costs.

Ask about our high-quality, cost-efficient translations and fast, business-minded turnaround time. We look forward to extending your international opportunities.

We’ll see that you’re never at a loss for words -- in any part of the world.

Michael Elliff
President and CEO


In 1987, our current President, Michael Elliff began translating and interpreting for Iowa businesses. His service at that time was limited to his specialty of translation into and from East European Languages with a network of Slavic specialists located throughout the United States. 

In 1992, because of the demand by clients for foreign language services in other languages, MGE Lingual Services expanded to include translation into all major business languages.

Michael Elliff specialty is in Eastern European languages and has traveled extensively throughout Europe and has studied and lived in the Former Soviet Union. Michael Elliff has been active in translation since 1987, and has actively participated in organizations promoting the advancement and quality of the translation industry.

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