MGE MGE Lingual Services, Inc. is fully equipped to provide accurate translations of the following:

  • Technical Manuals
  • Technical Documents
  • Legal Documentation
  • Professional Materials
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Catalogs
  • Brochures
  • Export Documentation
  • Banking Documentation
  • Labeling
  • Video Scripting
  • Web Sites

Translation Services


Accomplish any project in any language.


In order to best our best work, we need the best tools.


A leader in foreign language typesetting.


There's no need to look elsewhere. We cover the full spectrum.

Language Services

MGE Lingual Services, Inc. is a corporate member of the American Translators Association and has been providing translation solutions nationally since 1992. We specialize in scientific and technical translation. Along with this, we provide translations in a variety of different fields in agriculture, legal, medical, patent, intellectual property, marketing, industry, general business and finance.

For the past 30 years at MGE Lingual Services Inc., our business has been helping corporations find common ground in all areas of translation and international communications. 

MGE Lingual Services, Inc. has been both a pioneer and innovator in translation solutions for dozens of industries. We pride ourselves in being able to successfully provide an artisan's approach to quality while at the same time utilizing tools and solutions to more efficiently deliver foreign-language translations, services and reduce costs.

We won’t leave you hanging! Before a single word is translated, we provide a firm cost estimate — usually the same day you call. We know the importance of those two elusive commodities, time and money. Our promise to you is simple: high-quality, cost-efficient translation, with minimal turnaround time.

Translation Team

MGE Lingual Services and Consultants, Inc. uses only qualified project managers/linguists and professional translators, editors, proofreaders. Translators must at a minimum be tested and many are certified by the ATA (American Translators Association). Many have Translation degrees and have in-country certifications. In addition, MGE further tests their competence by having samples reviewed and graded by proven evaluation techniques, models and methods. In short, our translators are talented writers in their native language and have direct knowledge of the subject matter to be translated.

A professional translator is as much a researcher as they are a linguist. They must be experts in ever-evolving translation tools. They must be professional writers. They must be fluently bilingual. By rule of thumb, they should only translate INTO their native language. They must be computer savvy. They must be proficient in the subject area. They must work well in teams. They must be thick skinned when it comes to potential changes and edits. They must be flexible. And most importantly, they must be honest in recognition of one’s own limitations.

Probably the biggest misconception in translation is that the process is a one-person show. In reality and depending on the nature of the project, it takes an entire team of translators, editors, reviewers, proofreaders and a number of QA models (both manual and automated to meet required metrics) in hand to make sure you receive the best product.


Project Management

Our project management possesses a sixth sense and can anticipate and head off problems from the start. With years of experience, our project management has seen many of the situations and materials that can threaten quality, deadlines and budgets. Our project management excels at communicating and leading teams. We focus on listening, organizing and getting the work done.


Process of a typical translation project

No two projects are alike, but this is the general route your translation project will take at MGE.
  1. MGE receives your document via CMS (Content Management System), e-mail, ftp.
  2. Analyze the project and provide a cost estimate often the same day.
  3. Material preparation
  4. Creation, configuration and/or maintenance of existing Translation Memory and Terminology Databases.
  5. Research, potential alignments, team selection
  6. Draft translation
  7. Editing and revisions
  8. Quality Assurance/ Proofreading
  9. Typesetting/ Desktop Publication
  10. Final review
  11. Client approval


"When we talk about quality, we are talking about the quality of product and service. But we are also talking about the quality of our relationships and the quality of our communications and the quality of our promises to each other. And so, it is reasonable to think about quality in terms of truth and integrity."

Quote source: "The Business of Business is People," Laurie Broedling, McDonnell Douglas Corporation, Audience: Quality Conference, Washington, District of Columbia, April 8, 1996

MGE Lingual Services, Inc. uses a unique proprietary combination of Lisa QA, SAE J2450 to assure that our services adhere to the defined and tailored set of quality criteria and meet the metrics demanded by our clients.



Provide guidance and coaching to help companies in translation management and training.

Provide details and track translation activity.

Constantly review and provide updates on new technologies which may provide future benefits.